Is Obama too “bipartisan?”

1 February 2010

That seems to be the consensus of a growing number of lefty bloggers these days, to which the only polite response is “Are you fucking kidding me?? Seriously dude, are you high?!”

Take the health care bill, for example. Cloture in the Senate got all 60 Democrat votes and zero Republican votes. In the House, health care passed with one lone Republican vote, and the dude who cast it has since recanted. Can anyone seriously explain how Obama has been too bipartisan here? I’d love to hear it.

I realize that some of compromises on the public option, funding for abortion and other issues were disappointing to you lefties, but here’s a news flash: Those compromises were made to get Democrats on board! Not Republicans, but Democrats! Because guess what? Every Democratic senator is not Russ Feingold! Every Democratic House member is not Alan Grayson! The compromises you bemoan had nothing to do with gaining Republican support (which was unnecessary and never materialized anyway) and everything to do with getting Democratic consensus (which was crucial.)

The bargain

23 January 2010

Okay, this is an adbmittedly half-assed effort. And I think the avatar I used for Nancy Pelosi was really intended to be Sarah Palin. Oh well, Scorcese didn’t start out on top, did he? Did he?!?!

In honor of Ace

21 January 2010

This one’s for Ace.

Hollywood, here I come!

15 January 2010

Check it out. Here’s my first attempt at making my own movie. I feel this could be the start of something big.

You can make your own here.